About us

Quotion was created by innovative entrepreneurs, who have extensive experience in coaching, supervising and mediating enthusiastic sellers. We offer our clients tailor-made solutions and, together with our clients, we align the sales process and target group with the product(s) and goals to be sold.

Quotion wants a different and better way of doing direct sales. We pay particular attention to quality through our intensive training and guidance. This is how we achieve our successes for customers and sales reps! Would you like to market your brand in a sound, new, successful way? Please call or email us.

Our Mission

Quotion wants to stimulate personal interaction, so that services and products are successfully offered out of personal trust.

In this age of internet and social media, personal communication and interaction between people is the best means of promotion and sales. A digital message is hardly noticeable anymore; a personal contact strikes a direct target. By creating trust and expertise, Quotion successfully offers services and products.

Quotion wants to develop talent and promote vocational training. Anyone who is motivated should be given a chance.

In order for sales reps to express confidence and expertise, they must be well selected, trained and supervised. Quotion wants to play an active role to promote the expertise of promotional, commercial and marketing employees and to offer them a national qualification after proven efforts.

Quotion works according to ISO 26000, the international guideline for CSR.
The directive is officially called 'Guidance on Social Responsibility'. With ISO 26000, Quotion anchors its social responsibilities within the organisation. Quotion works according to the guidelines, international conventions, UN Conventions, ILO, OECD and Global Compact, which are in line with ISO 26000.

Our vision

Quotion wants to be market leader in outsourcing high-quality and innovative services in the field of promotional, sales and marketing projects.

Quotion wants to be your key recruitment and selection agency for promotional, sales and marketing employees.

Recruitment and selection and executive search of promotional, sales and marketing employees are our core business. This includes targeted assessments for individuals, teams and organisations. Every recruitment and selection or executive search assignment includes a level of employee qualification that exceeds professional standards as well as a culture scan of the client.

Quotion wants to be the key agency that will make promotional, sales and marketing employees available to third parties.

Quotion provides promotional, sales and marketing staff by means of temporary staffing, payrolling, secondment, collegial hiring and secondment and on the basis of self- employment as well as freelance employment. In doing so, it ensures that the hirer is indemnified against claims from authorities and third parties. The rate for supplying varies from an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rate to a fixed percentage fee for the generated turnover or profit. Mobility, training and education, meeting room and office space including telephone switchboard, participation in trade fairs, etc. can be included in rates or fees.

National coverage in the English-, German- and Dutch-speaking part of Europe.

Through its own subsidiaries, employees and exclusive subcontractors, Quotion aims to provide nationwide coverage in the English-, German- and Dutch-speaking parts of Europe in order to serve its clients even better. This also applies to the broader CSR context of labour mobility, flexibility and internationalisation of employees.

Our company history

Take a look at our history; Quotion does not sit still and is constantly working to improve and innovate, both inside and outside our organization.

2010 › START

PayLohn GmbH Germany, trades as Quotion Deutschland (D)

Start of our work in Germany at the Rieden am Forggensee (D) location.

11 - 2014

Quotion Netherlands (NL)

Start of our work in the Netherlands (NL)

03 - 2015

Quotion Headquarters (NL)

In March 2015 we opened our first branch office in Baarn, which is now our headquarters in

10 - 2015

Branch office Kerk-Avezaath (NL)

In October 2015 we opened our office in Kerk-Avezaath.

01 - 2016

Branch office Flushing-East (NL)

In January 2016 we opened our branch office in Flushing-East (NL)

05 - 2016

MBO Training Programs

Development of MBO3 Diploma Sales Assistant and MBO4 Diploma Account Manager

06 - 2016

Branch office Gorredijk (NL)

In June 2016 we opened our office in Gorredijk (NL)

09 - 2016

Branch office in St. Johann, Tyrol (A)

In September 2016 we opened our branch in St. Johann in Tyrol, Austria.

10 - 2016

Branches Leek and 't Harde (NL)

In October 2016 we opened our branches in Leek and 't Harde.

11 - 2016

Establishment of Quotion BV